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Mobile Architecture

//  AUDI DTM Appearance

As one of the largest car makers in the world, AUDI always strives for perfection when it comes to their products.

For their DTM appearance, this is also our ambition. The AUDI Race Lounge, an exclusive Fan Area and the AUDI Team Hospitality offer a unique motorsports experience for all fans of the AUDI brand.

//  Tent system

Aluminium one – storey & two – storey Constructions TEC
Saddle Roof with Thermo Sheets

//  Size

Lounge up to 20 x 40m

//  Height

Lounge up to 10,50 m

//  Special Features

Front System in exclusive AUDI Car Dealer’s Design
Connected Building Concept
Glass Fronts
Illuminated AUDI Logo
Terrace on the First Floor (Lounge)
Entrance Portal (Lounge)
Display Area for Vehicles
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