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We can offer you the whole package for your event.

This includes a hospitality according to your wishes – size, shape and variation can be determined by you as long as the construction is feasible. Our different tent fronts offer something for every taste, even ordinary PVC sheets can get an extraordinary look with the right branding.
You would like a balcony, a terrace or both? You would like a two-storey building, a dining saloon and a disco lounge? No problem, we will make it possible. We can organise the whole interior settings. Bars, counters, tables, chairs and lounge furniture can either be selected from the stock or custom-made. For a perfect result, we work together with our trusted and experienced subcontractors. We shift core competencies, like the installation of heating and air conditioning and the decoration of the ceiling and walls with linen fabric, to our subcontractors to achieve the technically and economically best solution for all sides. We rely on the expertise and performance of our partners who have been working with us for many years.
If you decide to work with us, we will provide a hospitality completely according to your wishes. Whether you are planning a sports events, a wedding, an anniversary, private or commercial – we support you. Our in-house branding department can help you make your ideas feasible and create diverse merchandise and branding opportunities. We are responsible for the production and set-up of your personal branding constructions. Simply contact us for more information.
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