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Our team consists of highly – qualified employees with different professional and educational backgrounds. We employ engineers, carpenter, mechanics, painters, electricians and plumbers in our company. Therefore, we can guarantee that we can offer an appropriate solution for almost every big or small problem. Punctuality and reliability are of utmost importance for us, as well as a neat and uniform appearance. Our project leaders have longstanding experience in the erection of temporary buildings, as well as in customer care. You can always rely on our friendly and trustworthy installation team, no matter how unfavourable the circumstances might be. Besides the installation crew, our office and logistics team is always at your disposal at the headquarter in Laubach.
  • Karl-Heinz Gorges
  • Manuela Gorges
  • Thomas Brantzen
  • Sebastian Eck
  • Jochen Tholl
  • Rene Kassube
  • Christian Wermter
  • Hans Feuser
  • Robert Gilles
  • Ina Schümmer
  • Denise Virtue
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